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Backpack Scholarship
Backpack is an education payments company that has built the first 529 Spending Account enabling student families to make the most of their college savings. Learn more here.
We are really excited to be launching the Backpack Scholarship for families with a student who will be enrolled at a Texas (TX) based institution for the 2024-25 academic year.
The application is simple. We want to hear the stories and sacrifices families have made to save up for their student's education (bonus if you have used a 529 as part of your savings journey!). The application should only take 3-5 minutes!

Scholarship Eligibility

Enrollment: Enrolled (at least half-time) for 2024-25 academic year
Degree: Any undergraduate degree at an accredited higher education insititution
Geography: Texas based Education Institution only
Citizenship Status: U.S. citizen, permanent legal resident, or DACA recipient
Scholarship Use: Can be paid either directly to the Education Institution or deposited into a Backpack account for purchases of qualified education expenses.
By applying to the Backpack Scholarship, you agree to be bound by the Backpack Scholarship Terms and Conditions.